Chlorine: The Chemical In Your Water That’s Making You Fat


Have you heard about obesogens? They’re chemicals in the environment which have been discovered to have an estrogen-like effect on the body leading to unexpected weight gain.

The Fattening Chemical In Your Water

Out of all the environmental fat-promoting chemicals there is one that is the most responsible for our weight gain – chlorine. Even though we drink bottles or filtered water without chlorine, it’s still present in the water we swim in, bathe and shower every day.chlorine-the-chemical-in-your-water-thats-making-you-fat1

How It Causes Weight Gain

Drinking water with chlorine can even displace iodine in your thyroid — the essential trace mineral that is responsible for how our metabolism functions. If your diet doesn’t include enough iodine, your thyroid function will be completely disrupted. Additionally, drugs like aspirin, steroids and blood thinners can cause iodine deficiency and make this iodine displacement even worse.

Completely eliminating chlorine from our environment is nearly impossible and this is a serious problem especially if we take into account that it can cause cardiovascular problems, increase the risk of bladder cancer and immune insufficiency.

It’s virtually impossible to eliminate chlorine entirely from our environment and this is especially troubling if we know that it’s been linked to increased risk of heart disease, bladder cancer, and immune insufficiency. The biggest irony is that even though chlorine could be toxic for many sensitive individuals — especially those suffering from thyroid dysfunction — its anti-bacterial properties in water are indispensable, and they’re the main reason why it was introduced to our water supply.

But if you don’t eliminate chlorine from the water in your bath or shower, you will continue to be exposed to the toxic by-products which form when chlorine reacts with other chemicals in water — like radon, for example.

Unless you suffer from iodine sensitivity, it’s recommended that you consume more food with high concentrations of iodine, such as gomasio and Maine harvested seaweeds. Iodine supplements are also recommended, doses of 12.5 mg taken 4 times per day.

How To Remove It From Water

Luckily, there are plenty of products which can effectively remove chlorine from the water in your shower or bath. The ones I find most effective are multi-spray shower filters but you can also use bathtub filters from your bathwater as well.  Consider installing a whole-house water filter which will not only filter out the chlorine and other contaminants but will also protect your family from microscopic parasites.

If you take the needed precautions you can easily eliminate the chemicals in your water which are making you fat and causing a number of health issues. Don’t wait any longer, start caring for your health right now!