Check Your Mouth! A Look in the Mirror Can Reveal Serious Illnesses


Oral hygiene is very important, and sometimes the problems that arise in this area is actually a reflection of other health problems or conditions.Check Your Mouth! A Look in the Mirror Can Reveal Serious Illness

One look in the mirror to your mouth can tell a lot about your current health status. As well as that way you can notice a disease on time, and women may notice one of the first signs of pregnancy.

There are several key points that you need to pay attention to. One of them is the gums. The bleeding of the gums may occur due to irregular oral hygiene, and various inflammatory processes. The reason for the bleeding may be a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, polluted environment. These are all signs that you need to take into consideration and think about your lifestyle.

Fortunately, when you fix it, it will reflect positively on your health. Bleeding gums is usually not a sign of a more serious disease, but it may refer to leukemia or disease that affects blood clotting. It is particularly interesting that bleeding gums can be a sign of pregnancy, because the hormonal changes soften the gum.

Teeth are important

Check Your Mouth! A Look in the Mirror Can Reveal Serious Illness.

If you notice that your teeth are smaller and sharper, maybe you scrape them (some would say “crack”) in a dream. This phenomenon can occur in people who are stressed and burdened or they occur because of poor bite. Scraping teeth adversely affects the teeth because they get thinner or damaged, but also can cause headaches, muscle tension and aching jaw. If you notice that you are creaking your teeth in a dream, contact your dentist who will probably recommend a mouthpiece that will protect them from subsequent damage.

See your lips

Take a look at your lips. If they are chapped and dried, it can be a sign of anemia (anemia). In addition, it can also be a warning sign of diabetes if you have previously observed and some other symptoms such as weight loss.

Also important is the color of your lips. If you are pale, a sure sign of iron deficiency, but may also be transmitted to the heart or lung problems, as due to them the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream reduces.