Change The Sugar With Honey


Honey is the healthiest and the best product that is given by the nature. The honey is used in every day nutrition as a healthy food and as a medicine, thanks to the great number of ingredients that it contains. Every housewife should know that honey is the product that can not be rancid.
If you have jars full with honey at home which are many years old , don’t worry you can used them freely. The nutritionists say that if you take a spoon with honey at the morning and the evening it’ll satisfy your daily need.Change The Suggar

If you want to throw out the sugar of usage because of it’s harmful influence on the organism, you can change sugar with honey, but you should pay attention on raw honey instead on commercial honeys from your local grocery stores.
Honey is more luscious and stiffer than the sugar and you should be careful when you prepare food and put honey instead of sugar. If you put excessive amount of honey it’ll change the taste of the food negatively.
One spoon with sugar which have approximately 15 grams should be replaced with a small spoon with honey.