Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer: The Top 5 Phones With The Highest Radiation ( VIDEO)

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Mobile phones emit harmful radiation known as electromagnetic radiation. Our bodies are exposed to this dangerous radiation because they absorb it and due to this we suffer from various health problems.

Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel conveyed a study which was published in the Biochemical Journal. They study has proven that if you use your mobile phone for 10 minutes every day,it will cause changes in your brain cells which can trigger cell division and cancer.

“As of now, with only 10-12 years exposure which only continues to increase dramatically, there is a high chance of increase in the rate of brain cancer”- claims Dr. John Bucher, the Associate Director of the National Institute of Health, National toxicology program. Furthermore, he added that children are in greater danger as they have a skull configuration which allows a deeper penetration of the mobile phone radiation. Therefore, you need to protect your healthy.

The video below will inform you which mobile phones you must avoid if you want to stay healthy!

Source: http://www.tophealthylife.com