CAUTION: Killer Plant in Your Home Can Take Life in Less Than a Minute!


I have recently lost my angel of 3 years, who mistakenly swallowed leaf of this poisonous plant, her tongue swelled to keep in mouth and lead her to death. This poisonous plant snatched my daughter so I am warning everyone to not keep this and similar plants of having same poisoning characteristics at home else it can cost life of your loved one”.

In case you are a fan of house plants, it’s essential to know that some of them can be quite dangerous to have around, because your family, especially your kids won’t be aware of the dangers surrounding them.CAUTION Killer Plant in Your Home Can Take Life in Less Than a Minute

One such plant is Dieffenbachia, a beautiful house plant that decorates many homes and offices, but also known for its harmful properties.

It’s highly recommended that you either avoid keeping it at your home or if you still have it, take good care about your kids when you leave the house.

Death in children occurs within 1 minute from ingestion, while elders take about 15 minutes.

If you still decide to keep this plant at home or in your office, make sure you somehow fence it off so that nobody can approach it and experience its poisonous effects. Be cautious that even touching it with your hands and then rubbing your eyes can lead to permanent blindness.