He Was Born Without Brain But He Did Something Amazing On His Second Birthday.. Heart Melting…!


Every parent is excited when the little toddler says the first word. But, Emma Murray thought that she will never hear the first word from her youngest son Aron.

He Was Born Without Brain But He Did Something Amazing On His Second Birthday.. Heart Melting…!

In 2013, at age 24 Emma from Lanarkshire, Scotland gave birth to a boy Aron. The doctors told her that Aron is not healthy and that he was born with holoprosencephaly, a condition which was “incompatible with life”.

Holoprosencephaly is not a common condition when the forebrain of the fetus fails to develop into two hemispheres. It affects two in 10,000 live-born babies and this condition is highly lethal.

Doctors told Emma to call her closest family so they could meet Aron before he passed away.

But, what happened next?

Hospital stuff helped Emma to baptize her son. But after a while, Aron’s condition started to improve. He started to breathe without help. After a week, he was still alive and fighting. Then he was transferred to Yorkhill Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Doctors put him a shunt into his head so the fluid could be drained from the head.

Doctors were amazed by this boy and his will to survive. He was an amazing fighter. After two years Aron is still among us and what is even more important he has said the first word- ‘Mummy’!

Emma couldn’t belive her ears as she was told that Aron would not survive but now he was able to say his first word! She didn’t expect that!

 “He was giggling, and then he said ‘mummy’. He had literally copied what I was saying. I just stared at him in shock, and then I just burst into tears. It was such an emotional moment” said Emma.

The strangest thing was that Emma wasn’t aware that she was pregnant for whole 9 months. Unlike with her fist son, with Aron she didn’t had any symptoms like cravings or sickness. She even had her period every single month. When she went to see a doctor because of the pain she felt, the doctors told her that she was going to have a baby.

Emma said “Everything had happened so fast.  I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I’d given birth and been told my baby was going to die all in the same 24 hours.”

The tests showed that the brain was not fully developed, and instead of having brain in the scull cavity, Aron’s scull was filled with fluid.

Aron has gone beyond doctors expectations!

Jill Yaz, from the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus said: “This is an extremely rare condition and its fantastic that Aaron is going beyond any of the doctors expectations.”

No one believed that one day he will be able to survive and say ‘mummy’. Now he is able to say ‘hello’ as well. Aron is a living proof that we still cannot fully understand how the human body really works.

Aron is a happy child and he enjoys giggling and clapping his hands.

Emma said: “We don’t know what the future holds but we know Aaron is a happy, contented boy. Every moment we have with him is precious.”

Source: http://www.justnaturallife.com