How Your Birth Month Determines If You’ll Get Sick: Researchers Reveal The Ailments You’re Most At Risk From!


According to several scientific studies there seems to be a link between the month we’re born in and the diseases we’re at risk of developing. It seems surprising but it’s supported by studies. The Cambridge University conducted a study on newborns and they discovered that babies born in the summer are heavier and grow taller as adults. The scientific reasoning to this claim is that they are more exposed to sunlight. The University of Colombia discovered 55 medical conditions linked to the month in which the patients are born. Dr. Nicholas Tatoneti designed the following system which explains in detail how different diseases and conditions are connected to the birth month.Birth-Month

According to the study, the highest risk of diseases have babies born in October, while the lowest risk have those born in May. Babies born in March had the highest probability of suffering from cardiovascular diseases while those in July are at risk of developing asthma. Winter babies are at risk of suffering from neurological disorders, while summer babies can have problems conceiving their own child in the future. All of these claims are still being thoroughly investigated and deeper analysis is needed, but in the next few months we expect a more elaborate report on the subject.

In the meantime, here’s a short video where you can see some more extraordinary finidings and predictions according to your birth month: