The Best Foods To Fight Iron Deficiency

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Iron deficiency is a common health issue that can trigger serious health complications, such as iron deficiency anemia, if left untreated. A diet low in iron is the most common cause of this condition. Iron deficiency anemia is normally manifested by chronic fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, paleness, heart palpitations, headaches, brittle nails etc.

The best treatment for this type of anemia is normalizing your blood iron levels. Aside from taking medications, you can effectively improve your blood count through proper diet. Here we recommend the best foods to fight iron deficiency.



Spinach is one of the richest natural sources of iron. Except for iron, these green vegetable is also abundant in vitamins A and E, calcium, plant fiber and protein.

Spinach is best consumed raw, but it can also be added into cooked meals, such as pies, lasagnas, omelet etc.



This is another rich source of iron. This food also contains a lot of fiber, which keeps you full longer. Plus, it reduces blood cholesterol levels and normalizes blood sugar levels.

It can be made into soups or added to salads and sandwiches.




Pumpkin seeds are an ideal food because they provide most of the essential nutrients your body requires for proper function. Aside from iron, they are rich in manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. This food boosts your immune system function and thanks to the antioxidants they contain, they also protect against cancer.



Red meat is rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus and B vitamins. Health experts recommend consuming red meat three times a week in order to raise your blood iron levels. However, have in mind that overconsumption of red meat can trigger a series of negative effects upon your health including cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.



High quality dark chocolate is abundant in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Dark chocolate is rich in manganese, magnesium, selenium, copper, and iron. Regular consumption of several pieces of dark chocolate a few times a week can significantly improve your blood count. And always choose dark chocolate with high cocoa content (at least 60-70%).



Last, but not least, sesame is just another iron-boosting food to be added to a healthy diet. Aside from iron, it also packs zinc, copper, vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus.

These seeds also prevent against osteoporosis, reduce bad cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health.