Be Careful What You Buy – Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia !!!


Recently, the world has been disturbed by the shocking news about fake eggs produced in China. Unfortunately, this is followed by another disturbing fact. Namely, world media are spreading the news about the fake Chinese rice made from plastic. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the labels on the products you are buying.

Asian local media stated that this type of rice originated from China, but it was first found in the India`s southern state, Kerala. Furthermore, it was quickly distributed in the Asian countries, such as India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

This plastic rice is mixed with normal rice and it can be found in many well-known commercial brands. Therefore, it is very difficult to notice the difference in order to avoid it. Individuals claim that they have experienced digestive problems after consuming this kind of rice.

This rice consists of mixed potatoes, sweet potatoes and synthetic resin which can have negative and even toxic effects on people`s gastrointestinal system, according to experts. In addition, media report that fake rice has been on the market for a long time, and that it first appeared in Shaanxi and Taiyuan. Due to its great similarity to normal rice, people cannot notice the difference.

According to the Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry, this rice is totally safe for eating. Even though they strongly deny these speculations, there is a real possibility that this rice was imported in their country and it can be found in some smaller shops.


Can we avoid this fake rice?

Generally, it is very difficult to notice the distinction between normal and fake rice when buying it in supermarkets. However, you can do this at home. When cooked, fake rice has characteristic taste, which is different from the normal, and when exposed to heat it burns like plastic.