Attention! Do Not Mix These Household Products. They Can Kill You!


We are often unaware of the dangers that mixing some household cleaners can bring about. In fact, some combinations can be extremely toxic as they release dangerous gases that pose a serious health threat. Read on and find out how to protect yourself by never mixing these two ingredients!

Never Combine These Household Products

1# Two different cleaners

This is really dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Each cleaner has its specific purpose and such combinations can do more harm than good.


2# Bleach and alcohol

This is one of the most dangerous combinations because it combines chloroform and hydrochloric acid, which is extremely harmful. Stay away from alcohol and use bleach only!

3# Bleach and ammonia

The combination of bleach and ammonia produces toxic fumes, mostly chloramines, which are a real hazard for both your eyes and lungs.

4# Vinegar and chlorine bleach

A poisonous chlorine gas is released by combining any kind of acid, including vinegar, and chlorine.

5# Vinegar and baking soda

This combination may seem harmless at first, but when these two ingredients are combined together, they produce sodium acetate, water, and carbon dioxide, which are explosive. The acetic acid in vinegar also makes baking soda to bubble, so when the two are closed in a container, it will lead to an explosion.

6# Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

This is another combination to never make, especially not in the same container, as these two ingredients produce peracetic acid solution, which is extremely poisonous and seriously harm your skin, eyes and lungs.