Are You Concerned About the Quality Of the Meat On the Market?


We have seen a billion times that the retail chains are not the most honest towards their customers. From the sales, to the quality of the goods… But the thing worrying us the most is the quality of the meat that is offered in these stores.

Are You Concerned About the Quality Of the Meat On the Market

There are a number of videos that show the way in which it is grown in the meat mass production now. Water, antibiotics, various additives…, everything is put in the meat in order to fulfill the requirements of the huge market. The additives keep the meat fresh longer.

What is the most dangerous thing is that it is so finely sliced ​​that the buyer cannot assess what’s inside. Such meat, according to those that are experienced, is often treated in cold water, salt, sugar and Potassium metabisulfite to regain color and freshness, but maybe the meat is one month old.

In a survey conducted for 24 hours the researchers came to an astonishing results. In a sample of mixed ground meat purchased in five different shopping centers, they came to the conclusion that we are eating meat of lower quality.

There is a lot of water in the meat, which means that it is old. The meat has only about 22 percent protein, which is less than in cat food.

That is, depending on the shopping malls, in the packaging it was found from 16 to 22 percent protein and the less protein it has the lower the quality is…

Furthermore, in the meat offered in the shopping centers for higher prices, the level of bacteria is increased.

They examined whether the meat contains salmonella, listeria, E. coli and aerobic colony which count was increased, meaning that the meat is older, and may indicate that it has began to deteriorate.