Are you Anxious or Stressed? Try This Ancient Japanese Technique


It may be a surprise that you can re-energize your body in just five minutes. So who do we turn to in order to discover this? Ancient medicine, of course, because they often used better techniques than we do today. While modern medicine is phenomenal, what was learned over the course of thousands of years can be more significant and many of these remedies come from the East.


One remedy in particular is one from Japan and is actually an art form called ‘Jean Shin Jyutsy.’ What this technique is, is actually really incredible because according to their experience and wisdom, we are able to stimulate certain parts of our hands and in turn be able to balance our emotions.

According to Jean Shin Jyutsu, every part of the hand and every finger is somehow linked to each organ in the body. It is also believed that some of these organs can influence certain emotions. So by following this practice, you can increase the health of your emotions and your body all by pinpointing certain parts of your hands.

For example, if you want to work on the bladder, maybe press on the middle part of your hand, about 2 centimeters or so up from the bottom. There are specific diagrams that can be found if you want to research if further but with a little practice on each finger, you should be able to rejuvenate your entire body. Remember to hold each point on the hand for three minutes for significant effects.

Here are just a few of the methods:

By pressing on your thumb, it helps to benefit the stomach and the spleen and can alleviate anxiety and depression. Some of the symptoms to look out for are skin issues, headaches, pain in the abdomen, and nervousness.

By pinpointing the index finger, the organs which are effected are the kidneys and bladder and the emotions it can help to control are fear and confusion. Some of the symptoms you may notice are a toothache, backache, aching muscles, and issues with digestion.

Through the manipulation of the middle finger, you can increase health in your gall bladder and the liver. The emotions which can be balanced are anger and irritability and the symptoms you should be looking out for are a frontal headache, issues with circulation of the blood, vision problems, fatigue, migraines, and in women, menstrual pain.

The organs which are helped by the treatment on the ring finger are the lungs and colon. The emotions it helps to alleviate are sadness, grief, and negativity. Some symptoms that will lead to concern are respiratory issues, digestive issues, and asthma.

But Does it Work?

If you feel nervous or have issues with asthma, you can apply light pressure to the ring finger for about three minutes. Try it for yourself as an alternative to other medicines. It only takes a little bit of your time. While there is no scientific research behind this methodology, there are links between different areas of the body. However, since this practice has been utilized for thousands of years, it has to somehow work, right? There is really no harm done. If you find that it works, then see… you’ve learned a new remedy. However, if you ever have any health issues that are very serious, consult a physician. Alternative medicine should only be used as a supplementary treatment rather than a replacement to modern medicine that has been scientifically proven to work.