Are Figs Your Favorite Fruit? Open Your Eyes When You Consume Them, Here’s Why!


Figs are a wonderful summer fruit, with a rich and sweet flavor, packed with minerals and vitamins that give the body a lot of energy.

Are Figs Your Favorite Fruit Open Your Eyes When You Consume Them, Heres Why!

But recent findings show that we often without notice actually eat wasps and flies, when we eat figs!

Namely, figs are a favorite food not only for humans, but for birds and insects. They usually feast bees, which are often stuck inside and die. Scientists say that each fig includes at least one dead wasp or a fly.

But how is it possible not to notice these insects while eating figs?

The dead insects cannot be seen since the fig tree secretes powerful enzyme fully degraded and converted into proteins. It can be said that figs actually eat axes and flies.смокк2

The video below taken with a micro camera, shows the inside of a fig.

Although this fact for someone may be bizarre, but figs still apply for exceptionally nutritious fruit and many call it the superfood.