Ancient Recipe – Helps Remove Hair From The Face And The Body

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  1. stephane says:

    how muany nuts should i burn??
    I want to know something ,is when putting the ashes into the water ,do it become a paste to apply it on wanted places .

  2. sss says:

    which nut shell , is there anything specific

  3. preet says:

    What is guaze that u mentioned that to soak in water…anybody knows kindly reply ..thnxx

  4. Anupama says:

    please discribe the recepie for hair remove for face n body. I did not able to understand.

    Thank You

  5. Alma Orraca says:

    I’m trying to burn the shells to do the hair removal “recipe” but the shells won’t cut on fire. I didn’t put anything but fire to start the fire since it’s going to the skin I don’t want to use anything that my harm me. Any ideas???

  6. Mona says:

    Which nut should I u use ? Any nut? Please explain.

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