An Effective Face Mask to Remove Blackheads at Home in Two Steps


Blackheads are a typical cosmetic issue for most women. Although harmless, these dark spots on your face can be hard to conceal, even with the best make-up. Some opt for extracting them manually, but dermatologists don’t recommend this as it can lead to skin infections.

The face mask I dearly recommend here is very simple, yet very efficient. It uses only the egg white of one egg and some facial tissue or toilet paper.

An Effective Face Mask to Remove Blackheads at Home in Two Steps

Apart from doing wonders even with the most stubborn blackheads, egg whites are extremely beneficial for improving skin quality becausethe proteins they contain easily absorb the excess sebum from your skin. Egg whites also tighten and reduce large pores in which blackheads are formed, thus preventing the formation of blackheads in the future.



The first step you take is clean and dry your face thoroughly before applying the mask. The next thing you dois separate the yolk from the white. You’ll only be using the white. Using a paint brush, apply a thin layer of egg white over your affected skin. Cover the egg white layer with a strip of facial tissue or some toilet paper. Make sure yougently press it onto your face. Let the first layer dry thenslowly apply a second layer of egg white over the tissue.Use your fingers if necessary for smoother application.Allow this layer to dry as well and then apply a third layer. This is optional.Once the mask dries, you’ll feel your face tighten, which is normal.

Finally, remove the tissue by peeling it off.Rinse your face gently to remove any remains. Pat dry and moisturize as usual.

Note: This method won’t work unless you leave the layers to dry completely before you remove the tissue.

Tip: It’s best to apply the egg white face mask after having a shower as the pores on your skins will have opened and you’ll get better results.