Amazing solution try to get Rid of this Bone just in 10 days ! Without Surgery !


Deformity which occurs in the area of the thumb is called valgus. This condition sometimes develops in arthritis.

Women are more prone to this condition. Even nine from ten women suffer from this disease at some point of life. As this deformity causes pain it can affect your life.

People often have problem with finding proper shoes beside the fact that the foot looks unattractive.

Amazing solution try to get Rid of this Bone just in 10 days ! Without Surgery !

Why does this deformity occur?

– Inherited.

– Wearing uncomfortable shoes

– Wearing high heels

– Wearing tight shoes

This deformity can be removed by surgery. Folk remedies are also effective in treating this medical condition.

  1. Bay leaf tea

Ingredients needed:

– 300 ml of water

– 1 tablespoon of ground bay leaves

Method of preparation:

Boil grounded bay leaves in water for 15 minutes. Place the liquid in thermos and leave it overnight.

How to consume:

The tea should be consumed in the morning before breakfast. Do not consume it at once. Do the treatments for 3 days, but every time prepare fresh tea.

Repeat the treatment after one week break.

With this treatment you will get rid of excess body salt as you will urinate more often.

First positive results will be noticeable after 10 days only. Your joint pain will disappear and you will feel quite better. Apply this treatment regularly for 2 months if you want to get rid of valgus for good.

  1. Bay leaf coating

Place 5 big crushed bay leaves in 100 ml of 96% alcohol. Don’t use the mixture for one week.

In three liters of water add one tablespoon of baking soda. Place the feet in the mixture, wipe them with towel and then apply coating previously soaked in the homemade remedy. Go to bed with socks put on.

Mixture made from aspirin and iodine is very useful against valgus, bone growths and joint pain.

  1. Alternative remedy for reducing the inflammation

Use ordinary soaps as it is quite helpful tool against inflammations and pain caused by valgus.

– Grind ordinary soap

– Use the soap to massage the feet.

– Wash and then use towel to dry your feet.

– Rub in some iodine onto the valgus and put on cotton socks.

– Do this treatment for 30 days.

  1. Treatment with mending clay

You can buy this clay in a medication store.

Blend the clay with water until you get a mixture similar to glue. Preheat it before use and then apply a 1-2 cm thick layer on the affected area.

Keep the mixture for 40 minutes and then rinse.

It is best to prepare the mixture before applying it. 15 treatments are enough for positive results.