This Is Why You Should Always Have A Needle In Your Pocket


Did you know that a needle can save your or someone else`s life?
In case of a stroke, the blood flow to an area is cut off and the brain cells are deprived of oxygen, and gradually start to die.

This Is Why You Should Always Have A Needle In Your Pocket

How to react in such a situation?

First of all, you need to stay calm and not to move the person who is having a stroke. You will need a medicinal needle, but if you don`t have it at the moment, a simple needle can do the job, but it must be sterilized.

Prick the tips of all 10 fingers as close to the nail and as quickly as you can. Wait for the blood to start flowing and if that doesn`t happen soon, squeeze the fingers. As soon as the blood starts flowing from all 10 fingers, the person will regain consciousness.

If you notice that the patient`s mouth is crooked, massage their ears until they turn red in order to stimulate blood circulation. Also, you can prick the earlobe twice until two drops of blood come out. After a couple of minutes, the patient`s mouth will go back to normal. Wait for the person to regain consciousness and immediately take him to the hospital.