After Reading This, You’ll Never Throw Your Used Teabags Again


The health benefits of tea are undeniable. For example, green tea is abundant in tannins, which account for its astringent and antioxidant properties, as well as its dark color and bitterness. Tannins are also efficient antimicrobials which prevent blood clotting and hypertension. In addition, chamomile is best known for its soothing qualities, which are extremely beneficial for relieving inflammation. Peppermint tea, on the other is a great mouth rinse and breath freshener.

However, the health benefits of tea are not limited to the liquid. Tea bags can also be reused, even several times, before all the good in them is fully extracted.

After Reading This, You’ll Never Throw Your Used Teabags Again

Read on to find out some amazing uses of used teabags.

  1. Puffy and sore eyes

This is the most effective home remedy against swollen eyes. What you do is simply put cool tea bags over your eyelids and wait for a few minutes. Your puffy and sore eyes will be refreshed in a while.

  1. Acne

Apply used black or green tea bags on pesky pimples and leave for ten minutes to speed up the healing process. The tannins will efficiently reduce swelling and redness. This is a great method for acne treatment because green tea is also abundant in anti-microbial properties beneficial for treatment of skin issues.

  1. Cold sores

Black tea is the most beneficial for treatment of both canker sores and cold sores as it speeds up the healing process. Simply soak a black tea bag in warm water and apply on the painful spot. Leave for at least half an hour a few times a day until tannins are well-absorbed into the sore.

  1. Sunburn

Black tea is also highly effective in sunburn pain relief. One way to use it is re-infuse a few tea bags and spray the tea on your irritated skin using a spray bottle. Another way is to add the tea bags to your bath. The tannins in black tea will relieve the pain caused by too much sun exposure.

  1. Mouthwash

As mentioned earlier, peppermint tea is an amazing mouth rinse. For this you need to make a strong peppermint tea, about 6 teabags per liter of hot water. Use this brew as a natural breath freshener free of chemicals and much safer than fluoridated varieties.

  1. Warts

Owing to the acidity in tannins, black tea can draw warts out from their root. Ideally, you should bandage the wet tea bag onto the wart and let it act for a few hours a day. Repeat the treatment every day until the wart falls off, but make sure to always use new tea bags.

  1. Insect Bites

Tea is extremely efficient in relieving inflammation and pain caused by insect bites. Apply wet black or green tea bags onto the bite to get instant relief.

  1. Bruises

Bruises can heal faster with the help of tannins, which tighten the blood vessels thus speeding up the healing process. Simply apply a warm wet black tea bag onto the bruise pressing lightly and leave to act for a while. Repeat the treatment several times a day.

  1. Odors

Black tea bag can efficiently remove the scent out of your fingers, for instance after cutting onions. Use the same method to eliminate odors from your wooden cutting board. Plus, dry used tea bags can effectively refresh your snickers when placed inside.

  1. Highlights

Blonds can benefit most from chamomile tea bags which reused make an excellent hair rinse that brings out blonde highlights. For this, make an infusion with 6 tea bags and a liter of hot water. Use this to rinse your hair after washing it with shampoo.

  1. Mineral Supplement

Nettle tea is the greatest mineral supplement due to the fact that it’s packed with a number of minerals including calcium, magnesium and iron. Best of all, you can reuse nettle tea bags several times before their mineral content is exhausted completely. Add as many used nettle tea bags as you like in a gallon of boiling water. Leave to steep for several hours or overnight. Refrigerate the drink and use it every day as a mineral tonic. This will be extremely beneficial for your hormone and immune function.

Source: Healthy and Natural World