After Reading This, You Will Never Throw Away Your Banana Peel Again


Banana fruit is full of vitamins and minerals, and most importantly, it is very tasty. But if you want to make the most of the advantages of the banana, do not dispose the skin, but use it for these 5 purposes.

  1. Against viral warts

Place a piece of the skin of the banana on the wart and stick it with adhesive tape, plaster or anything appropriate for the place of the body and leave it overnight. In the morning remove the bandages. Repeat every night until the wart is dry.

  1. Against stinging and irritation of the skin

Rub the site of the sting with the inner side of the banana skin and the irritation and the pang will soon disappear.

  1. Against acne

Cover the sore spot with the inside of the banana skin, and leave it on until the banana skin becomes brown.

  1. Against hemorrhoids

Place the inside of the banana skin on the sore spot and let it stay overnight. Repeat until the symptoms disappear completely.

  1. Anti – Wrinkle

With the inside of the banana skin moisten the eye area. The banana feeds, tightens the skin, makes it softer and helps in reducing the small wrinkles.