A Green Bomb: This Drink Can Help You Burn 4 Pounds of Belly Fat in a Few Days! (RECIPE)


With winter holidays on our doorsteps, it’s time for you to “make some room” for all the treats and delicacies you will relish in the festive days to come.

This green drink can be your perfect ally during the oncoming holidays because it provides a wide array of health benefits. It’s made of carefully selected fruits and vegetables ideal for this time of year. On the plus side, it will significantly reduce your waistline, as well as boost your immune system during the cold days!

A Green Bomb This Drink Can Help You Burn 2kg of belly Fat in No Time! (RECIPE)



  • one frozen bananas,
  • a tablespoon of grated ginger,
  • two tablespoons of ground flaxseed,
  • a cup of frozen blueberries,
  • half a cup of spinach, and
  • some ice.


Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix well. Have a glass of this juice first thing in the morning.


This fat-burning and health-boosting drink has proved highly effective in most people who have tried it. In fact, those who included this recipe into their diet lost nearly four pounds of belly fat in a few days. These amazing weigh loss results are linked to the numerous health benefits of the ingredients.

For one thing, bananas are rich in potassium, antioxidants and fiber, which is why this tropical fruit is extremely efficient in stimulating digestion and removing toxins out of the body. In fact, bananas pack high content of fiber and resistant starch, both of which support weight loss. They’re also a nutritious, low-energy-density food, which is beneficial for burning fat.

Furthermore, ginger boosts immunity, speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite. Ginger contains chromium, magnesium and zinc, which are amazing anti-inflammatory agents. This root vegetable is highly beneficial for weight loss because it stimulates metabolism and circulation as well as elimination of toxins from your body. Apart from being calorie-free, ginger acts as a natural appetite suppressant; this is the best way to lose weight naturally because natural appetite suppressants are safe and cause no rebound.

Flaxseed is important because of the high fiber content.  According to the American Dietetic Association, “high-fiber diets provide bulk, are more satiating, and have been linked to lower body weights.” In fact, flaxseed is in fact one of the foods that pack the highest content of fiber. And the fiber contained in flaxseeds binds with water and expands in volume, thus making you feel full longer. This is the best way to lose weight naturally.

Blueberries are well-known antioxidants. This fruit is also abundant in vitamins and minerals you need to lose belly fat, lower cholesterol, and keep your blood sugar in check.

Last, but not least, spinach is rich in magnesium and positively affects your nervous system and mood.

Feel free to keep drinking this nutritious beverage after the holidays too, so you can easily get rid of the pounds that you will surely gain while enjoying all those festive delicacies.