8 Tips For Women To Lose Weight After Pregnancy


New moms are generally bothered with so many questions about their new situation and weight loss is often one of them. This article will provide 8 useful pieces of advice for women who are willing to lose weight after giving birth.

1. Forget about diets!

Although it sounds unbelievable, diets are far from recommended after delivery. Instead, consuming food rich in nutrients is extremely beneficial, especially for alleviating post-delivery stress.

8 Tips For Women To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

2. Breastfeeding stimulates weight loss!

Breastfeeding can burn 300-500 calories each time, which makes it great workout for new moms.

3. Take a walk!

Take short walks of 15 to 20 minutes every day. As soon as you feel you can spend more time outside, increase your walking time.

4. Do Kegel exercises regularly!

You can easily tone your pelvic muscles by doing Kegel exercise, which consist of contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscle repeatedly.

5. Deep belly breath!

Practice deep breathing whenever you can. What you do is inhale deep from your diaphragm holding your breath for some time and then exhaling. It’s important to contract and hold your abs tight while inhaling.

6. Do floor bridges!

Lie down on floor with your knees bent, arms on your side and feet flat on the floor. Contract your muscle and squeeze your butt to raise it from the floor. Stay up for 4-5 seconds and return to floor.

7. Do the kneeling pelvic tilt!

Stand on your floor and try to touch it with your palm. While doing it your legs and arms should not be bending.

8. Try out crunches!

Lying flat on the floor, bend your knees, put your hands behind your head, elbows out and crunch up. This will do wonders for your belly muscles.

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