8 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Your Health


In which position do you usually sleep? This is also a very important question. Not only are you getting enough sleep, but how you sleep is also of great importance and it can affect your health.8 Sleeping Positions And Their Effects On Your Health

Learn what these 8 sleeping positions mean:

1. On Your Back, With The Arms Up

This position is often called “starfish position”, and it is very good for the back. It’s not important if your arms are around your pillow or not, what is important is that this position helps in preventing skin breakouts and facial wrinkles. Yet, it can cause problems with acid reflux and snoring. Having your arms up can also activate pain,because of the straining of your shoulder nerves.

2. On One Side, With The Arms at Each Side

You can protect the spine in its natural curve,if you sleep on one side with your arms down on each side. This also reduces sleep apnea, and back and neck pain. The main disadvantage is that it causes skin aging, causingwrinklesand sagging breasts.

3. Face Down

If you want to improve your digestion,you should sleep on your stomach, and if you cannot find a way to breathe through the pillow, you will probably tilt your face on one side or the other side of the pillow, which increases the pressure on your neck. It  also causes back pain.

4. On The Right Side

If you’re a side-sleeper,it is very important on which side you sleep on. Sleeping on the left side can pressure your internal organs, for example the stomach, lungs and liver, and sleeping on the right side can damage the heartburn. Pregnant sleepers are typically advised by thedoctors to sleep on the left side, because it can help the circulation to the fetus.