7 Ways to Freshen Your House Using Dryer Sheets


Dryer sheets are miracle workers when it comes to laundry, they make clothes fresh, soft and static free like nothing else could. This is why we all came to love them in the first place, but can they be used for something else other than laundry? Many people don’t know that we can use these miracle sheets to make our house smell spring time fresh all year round with just a few simple tricks. Here are 7 of the most ingenious ways you can use dryer sheets to make spring come much sooner in your home:

  1. Car Freshenerdryer-sheet-car

Every car tends to smell a bit and it’s no wonder if we consider that we leave everything from garbage to fast food leftovers inside a small metal box. How can it not smell?

Car fresheners can alleviate the issue, but they are short lasting and the good ones can cost a bit extra. Instead of spending money every week, try our genius dryer sheets trick. Take an old plastic container and cut a few holes on top. Put a dozen dryer sheets inside and make sure the holes are open ( you can stick a straw or toothpick in between). Your car will always smell fresh, you just need to make sure to change the dryer sheets inside every few weeks.

  1. Packed ClothesOpen suitcase with clothes folded next to it

Whenever you travel somewhere your packed clothes, cramped in that tiny suitcase can get smelly and ruin your trip. Nobody wants to walk around smelling musty! However, dryer sheets can come to your rescue and make your clothes smell wonderfully fresh. Put one dryer sheet at the bottom of your suitcase and one at the top. Every time you open the suitcase a fresh, pleasant scent will be released.

  1. Garbage Binssheets-trashcan

The kitchen’s worse enemy is the garbage bin. The bin may not smell but the stuff we throw inside can really stink up a room. This foul smell can be avoided by placing a dryer sheet at the bottom of your garbage bin.

  1. Air Conditioner7-ways-to-freshen-your-house-using-dryer-sheets

Placing a dryer sheet on a fan for a quick freshening up is a well-known trick, but you can take this up a notch and make your entire house smell fresh. If you have central air conditioning put a few sheets under the base of your air filter and let spring travel through your home with the speed of light.

  1. Quick Dusterdryer-sheet-duster

You can use dryer sheets for much more than just making your house smell nice. These remarkable cloths are excellent for dusting because they’re designed to collect the small dust particles from your clothes hence they yield great results in cleaning dusty, dirty corners.

  1. Toilet Paper Rolldryer-sheet-toilet-paper 

The ultimate proof for the effectiveness of these little sheets is how fresh they can make your toilet smell. This can be the smelliest area in your home and if you run out of air fresheners dryer sheets can prove to be an excellent back up plan. Place a few of them on an empty toilet paper holder before putting the roll on. Every time you pull from the roll a wave of freshness will come your way.

  1. Closet Freshenerdryer-sheet-towels

Even though this is their intended purpose you should know that dryer sheets can make your clothes keep smelling fresh long after you take them out of the dryer. Place a few sheets between the towels or hang a few in the back of your closet. It will keep them from smelling musty and they’ll stay fresh for much longer.

Is there any other use you can think of? Do you use them for something else? Share your thoughts in the comments below and freshen up someone’s day!