7 Misconceptions About Olive Oil


You might think that you know everything about olive oil, but this tasty, healthy and nutritious food is lot more complex than it seems. Do you want to be sure to eat the best and use it on the right way? Here are 7 common false facts about olive oil that everyone should know.

1.Olive oil from the trade is always fresh

Although it is well stored, olive oil from  imports that we found in stores is often old and up to three years. But unlike wine, olive oil does not rule as the older the better. Think of it as squeezed juice from the olives that it is better to spend while fresh. Do you want to make sure you eat, buy oil, which has designated the year of harvest.7 Misconceptions About Olive Oil

2. Quality oil beware of fresh salads and cheaper to use for cooking

Completely wrong. What is the oil better and fresher the better withstand high temperatures. Also, cooking does not lose its quality and the food will be much tastier and healthier prepared.

 3. Olive oil should be stored only in glass bottle

This thesis is only partially correct. Keeping oil in a glass bottle is good, but it must be of dark glass because oil reacts to light that changes oil structure and thereby is losing on quality. But tin containers are equally effective.

4. Olive oil hold on the desktop to be always near to your hand is another very common mistake

Olive oil is best to keep in a kitchen cupboard or pantry. The reason is that the light does not favors to this foodstuff. It changes the structure of the oil and thus it loses its quality.

5. In olive oil may shouldn’t braise the food

Another false information. Research has shown that quality oil does not alter the structure and up to 200 degrees Celsius which means that  on it can freely braise and cook fresh foods. Note that this does not apply to frying food.

6.Olive oil does not have a lot of calories

Wrong! Although it is very healthy and nutritious, and olive oil is oil. It contains a large amount of calories but, unlike the vegetable oil or fat has a low-level of cholesterol (bad fat). Also, it is a powerful antioxidant with high nutritional values ​​on which your body will be grateful.

7. Good olive oil has a fantastic taste

While the fans of oil will agree with it, but you should know that clean, fresh olive oil has very strong flavor. It has a slightly bitter taste that may not suit to everyone.