6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again


Mountain Dew is a carbonated sugary drink which is commonly consumed by million people every day. Its original formula was first invented in 1940 by Barney and Ally Hartman of Tennessee. There was a slight change in the formula in 1958 made by Bill Bridgforth and the rights were obtained by the Tip Corporation of Marion.

6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again 2

The last and final changes were made by the Tip Corporation (William H. Jones-Billi) and that is the formula of Mountain Dew that you all have been drinking today. In the 60s the brand and production rights were sold to Pepsi-Co company.

Nowadays, Mountain Dew is extremely popular drink worldwide, especially in the Appalachian Mountains. However, according to statistic data, Central Appalachia is the country with the highest number of toothless people.

Moreover, Mountain Dew is killing thousands of people around the world and people tend to ignore this horrible information and continue drinking this harmful drink.

  1. It is more acidic than you can imagine!

We have always been advised by our parents about avoiding batteries due to their high acidic levels. The pH level of battery is 1.  Coke and Pepsi have acidity of pH 2.5 and Mountain Dew has pH of 3, according to the National Institutes of Health and the US National Library of Medicine.

6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again 4

  1. Mountain Dew can Destroy your Reproductive System

It is believed that the bottles and cans that this drink comes in have a huge impact on the human reproductive system.

The linings in the plastic bottles and cans contain BPA, which is a chemical compound added to protect the can from the direct effect of the acid contained in the drink. Moreover, study results have proved that this chemical can lead to infertility. Other risks include:

  • Reproductive system cancers
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Changes in the beta cells in pancreas
  • Thyroid dysfunction

6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again 5

  1. Misleading Advertising

Every successful product has its sales-boosting marketing words that will encourage people to buy it. Mountain Dew’s is that it is the “Game Fuel”. M&M’s is that it “melts in your mouth…..” and Red Bull’s is that it gives “you wings”.

There are thousands of gamers around the world who spend most of their days and nights playing video games and consuming tons of Mountain Dew.

According to the Environmental Health News, these gamers spend up to 12 hours a day continuously drinking soft drinks.

However, it is not only gamers who are addicted to this drink. Even Honey Boo Boo consumes Mountain Dew and Red Bull before acting.

  1. How Pepsi Came to Acknowledge This

Many people do not believe the scientific evidence and continue buying Mountain Dew. But, would you believe it if Pepsi itself reveals how this drink really works?

In 2012, Ronald Ball found a jelly-like thing with rancid taste in his Mountain Dew. He poured out the drink and found something that looked like dissolving mouse.

He pressed charges against Pepsi-Co providing this evidence. The company response was that the mouse dissolved in the bottling-consumption period and turned into jelly-like thing.

6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again 3

  1. Use of GMO Products

If you still decide to buy Mountain Dew, read the ingredients:

  • GMO corn and soy
  • Sodium benzoate (it is a preservative that reacts strongly against vitamin C in Dew and creates carcinogens)
  • BVO (this is banned in EU and Japan)
  • BPA
  • Yellow dye (produced from coal tar)

These toxic compounds can literally destroy your body. However, Pepsi doesn`t want their fans to know these horrible facts.

The company claims that BVO is FDA approved and safe to consume ingredient which is also used in citrus drinks. Moreover, Pepsi  states that all their products are perfectly safe according to the las set by the government.

Furthermore, the problem is even worse due to the fact that the people who are setting and monitoring these guidelines are the same people who used to work at these companies. If you have ever seen Food Inc. movie, than you certainly know what this is about.

  1. Long Term Impact of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is also known as the silent killer and it is associated with numerous chronic diseases, obesity and even cancer.

It does not have direct consequences, but rather it destroys your body gradually, eventually leading to death.

How to Stop the Menace?

It is recommended that you stop drinking sodas right now. They do not contain any single nutrient and destroy your health. As an alternative, you can make your own soda at home, using water and natural juices.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com