6 Foods That Increase Bust Size!


Every woman’s desire is to have bigger breasts and smaller waist. We all want that perfect, proportionate body and we’re prepared to go to extreme lengths to achieve it. Some decide to go under the knife just to get a size or two bigger breasts, but this isn’t the only way. There are some foods which can give you these exact results and you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive surgeries and cosmetic treatments. The following 6 foods can help you have fuller bust without causing health complications, all you have to do is start consuming them immediately and prepare to go shopping for a new bra really soon!6 Foods That Increase Bust Size!

  • Dong Quai Root

This root is considered to be the ultimate tonic for restoring the hormonal balance in the body. It will not only enlarge your breasts but it will promote your overall health.

  • Red Clover

Red clover is rich in calcium, chromium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin C. It abounds in isoflavones, which is a hormone stimulator and is very effective for breast enlargement.

  • Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seed is well known for its breast enlarging properties. It’s rich in phytoestrogens which speed up the development of mammary glands, thus giving you a fuller bust.

  • Hop Flower

Hop flowers are also abundant in flavonoids, which accelerates mammary gland development and also regulates hormone production.

  • Mexican wild yam root

Mexican wild yam root is a very good source of beta-carotene diosgenin, which stimulate breast growth and can give you the desired results very soon.

  • Saw palmetto berry

You probably didn’t know that saw palmetto berry is rich in oils which are very effective in reversing the atrophy of mammary glands. This property makes this plant an excellent tool in the process of breast enlargement.

There you go, 6 natural sources of useful nutrients for optimal breasts growth. If you want to increase your bust you should definitely include them in your diet.