5 Simplest Magical Pain Removing Methods If You’re Suffering from Sciatica Pain


Pain in the back which extends down through the rear, thigh, and legs is considered sciatica. It is caused by nerve compression in the lower back, leading to weakness in the legs and numbness.

One of the most common causes of sciatica is a herniation of the lumbar disc. Stress on the body can cause a tear in the outer layers of the disc in the back and result in the herniation. This occurs at the weak point of the disc where the nerve endings exit from the spine.


Treating Sciatica

1.Physiotherapy and a Trip to the Chiropractor

Physiotherapists and chiropractors are effective at treating sciatica because they help you to use certain motions which will actually ease the pain. By consulting with a physiotherapist or chiropractor to determine which methods are best for you, it may be recommended that you try an ultrasound, electrotherapy, joint mobilization, exercises, manipulation, and therapy of the soft tissues.

2.Try Traditional Chinese Medicine

Use acupuncture, a method derived from Chinese medicine, which can alleviate sciatica symptoms. The process occurs when tiny needles are put through the skin at certain points in the body. The needles cause minimal trauma to the muscles which causes the release of endorphin which causes the nerves to calm down and alleviate muscle pain.

3.Utilize Heat or Ice Therapy

Through compression using ice packs or heat packs can alleviate pain and inflammation in the back. Ice reduces inflammation and swelling while heat loosens up the muscles. It is best when alternated.

4.Try McKenzie Exercises

This set of exercises are recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors to decrease pain in the legs. Make sure you have their clearance before engaging in these stretching and bending exercises.

5.Utilizing Traction and Decompression Therapy

Lumbar spine traction is a method that is used to spread the lumbar vertebrae. This allows the disc material to reconnect to the outer material of the disc. This is an option that is used when pain doesn’t go away.