5 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease


The kidneys are some of the most important body organs, mostly because they are in charge of blood detoxification.
Compromised kidney function not only leads to waste accumulation in the body, but it also puts your entire health at risk. Cadmium, one of the most harmful heavy metals and air pollutants (it’s released through incineration of municipal waste, oils and coils) is a major health threat. Aside from inhaling cadmium, we also ingest it through food because it’s often used in phosphate fertilizers.

5 Signs You May Have Kidney Disease

The early signs of kidney damage include:

1# Fatigue

As the kidneys secrete erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates red blood cell formation, a person with compromised kidney function is likely to experience chronic fatigue, lack of oxygen in the cells, and anemia. This is a result of a reduced number of red blood cells.

2# Urinary disorders

Changes in urine color and urination are some of the first signs of kidney disease. Urine turns foamy or pale, and a person may experience frequent need for urination during sleep or excrete more urine than normal. However, kidney disease can also be marked by completely opposite symptoms including dark or bloody urine, less urine than usual, difficulties urinating, and feeling pressure while urinating.

3# Lower back pain

Lower back pain that starts on one side then spreads to the other side as well is another symptom of renal impairment. Generally, the pain is more intense on the side on which a person sleeps.

4# Swelling

Unless liquids and toxins are properly excreted by the kidneys, they accumulate in the body and cause swelling of the feet, arms, face, legs, and ankles.

5# Dry and itchy skin

Kidney malfunction and toxin accumulation in the body also lead to skin dryness, constant itching, and rash. As these symptoms are often mistaken for skin issues, it’s important to visit a doctor if the rash or itching doesn’t reduce with use of ointments and creams.

Important: You can maintain optimal kidney function by making some lifestyle and dietary changes such as cutting down on cigarettes (if you’re a smoker) and alcohol, consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet and avoiding cadmium-laden products. Also, natural juices, like unsweetened cranberry juice, along with natural teas from cranberries, thistle, and corn silk are extremely beneficial.

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