5 Laws of Weight Loss: Losing Weight, for Each Body Part


Scientists claim that fat accumulation in certain body parts is closely linked with the person’s habits. This is very important if the individual wants to lose weight.

Below you can find 5 important weight loss rules which will surely help in the weight loss process and in achieving the long-wanted results.

5 Laws of Weight Loss Losing Weight, for Each Body Part

  1. Upper body

If you have problems with fat deposits on your hands, back, forearms, chest or belly it means that you probably hate exercising and that you prefer unhealthy food.

Therefore you probably have to change your diet and start consuming 500-1000 calories a day and exercise 5 times a week for 30- 60 minutes. The best choice for you is cardio exercise and also push-ups and sit -ups which are suitable for upper body area.

  1. The abdominal area from the navel to the lumbar part of the back

If the fat is deposited around the belly area it means that you are probably under stress due to excess production of the stress hormone-cortisol.

So Yoga and Pilates are recommended and also foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

If you feel bloated most of the time, you may consume alcohol in excessive amount or you have problem with breathing. So, reduce the alcohol intake and consult your doctor about breathing problems.

  1. The entire back, and the abdominal area from the chest

If you have fat deposits in these areas, it means you consume junk food or you have a habit to skip meals and then overeat. You are also physically inactive.

If you want to lose weight, you should start consuming healthy food and you need to have 5 smaller meals throughout the day. These meals should contain nutrients not calories. Be more active, run, swim and do exercises for your back and belly. Walking is also a good choice!

  1. The area of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks

These areas are also known as “critical zone” in women and they are usually linked with lack of physical activity. That is why; cycling, circular training and lower body workout are recommended to achieve the desired results.

  1. The abdominal area, buttocks and legs

Women are prone to gaining weight in the lower body areas especially during pregnancy. Cycling is highly recommended against this type of fat deposits.

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