5 Anti-Aging Secrets Asian Women Know That You Need to Steal


At some point, I’m certain that many non-Asian people came across this question;

“Why on earth do Asians look so young?”

If you’re Asian, specifically in your mid-20, I’m positive that there’s one point in your life when you’re being asked for an ID while trying to buy booze or even entering a bar. Well, it’s no secret that many people of Asian ethnicity look younger beyond their years.


How is this possible?

Interestingly enough, a number of Asian lifestyle attributes seemingly explains this “Asians-looking-young phenomenon” and we may include the typical Asian diet as another reason.

Here are some of reasons I know how we cheat with our age…

1.Asians loves tea

Whether it be green, black or white, strong or sweet. One thing’s for sure, WE LOVE IT.

Teas have antioxidant, disease-fighting, metabolism-boosting attributes. Adding it to any diet, will surely be beneficial.

2.We love to move

Exercising slows down the aging process. Asia is the largest continent but each country in it is the most populated places on earth. So even if we have the luxury of driving our own vehicle, we don’t. We walk, A LOT. We commute A LOT. And doing so increases our physical activity each day.

3.Soy is always present. Always

Whether it be tofu, soy sauce, or miso, you’ll find them in our recipes. More nutrients plus more tastes, equals more fun.

4.We hate Sunlight

We are the sunniest places on earth but, we don’t like being hot all the time. Some of us loves being brown, and most loves to be white, that’s a fact. We’re basically vampires. We would carry umbrellas and wear hats with UV face shield protection. Living in a winter-less or winter-free zone makes us less appreciative of sunlight. Cause we just had not one, not enough, but too much of it. Let Canada and Antartica have it!

5.Fruits for the sweet tooth

People of the west, loves ice cream, cake or what not for desserts. We simply don’t. We like munching on fruits after a regular meal. Less preservatives and less harmful ingredients, is equal to a happy healthy life.

So, perhaps there is some science behind why many Asians often look younger than they actually are.

Or maybe, there is also the odds that Asians are simply lucky and have some undiscovered “youthful gene” circulating in them.

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