420-Pound Man Loses One-Third of His Body Weight by Changing One Habit in His Diet


Juicing is a hot topic between healthy individuals, believe it or not. Some of them think that juicing is excellent and amazing nutrition punch. People around the world say that with juicing you will detox your body and you will receive the lacks nutriments.

It is specifically useful for the individuals who don’t sufficiently get nutrients of their fresh produce throughout a day. Also it gives a chance to mix different ingredients, making it simpler to meet suggested daily admission.

But some other people said that juicing is unhealthy and not good at all.


Professional trainer and nutritionist Brandon Kolar, believes that juicing is great way to get antioxidants and make tasty mixtures. He also explains that people who like juicing have a less operative body. Also he connected the juicing with muscle mass issues, metabolism and absence of fiber.

Adam Harding-Jones is a 48 years old man from England and he will not accept this opinion.

He said that he feel younger with drinking juices.

He is thankful to the juicing for all improvements that juicing gives to his health, and because juiciest has changed his life. He was 420 pounds and lost 140 pounds for one year, and all thanks to his diet with healthy juices.

The world popular documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead motivates him. He also had bad kidney diagnosis. That why he decided to not look back and to change the eating habits.

“The last few years I was feeling awful than I really am,” he clarifies. “However, now I feel more youthful. I am doing things I never thought I’d get the opportunity to do. I feel splendid and when I recollect how sick I was and how awful I felt, I just never want to go backtrack.”

He wore 5XL size and have every day two McDonald’s breakfasts. His waist was 56 unhealthy inches, and his family was worried about his health and all the junk food he ate. Even he was overweight he didn’t stop eating kebabs before bad and chocolate during whole day. He also had complications with his diabetes and kidney issues.

He said that he knew that he was on dangerous slope. His body started to give him a warning. He wasn’t feeling well and he had an impending fate.

But after watching how junk food can affect his health on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead he decided to live healthier life. He started to enjoy in fresh food and vegetable juices and stopped eating junk food.

Juicing, weight loss and fitness

And now?

He lost 140 pounds and takes part in different athletic occasions consistently. He is a member from exercise center and cycling clubs, and has additionally finished a Tough Mudder occasion. He is partaking in a 100-mile race in Wales and a few half marathons.

Adam Harding-Jones consume homemade juices for breakfast and lunch. Amid his teatime, he eats fish and vegetables as opposed to having hotdogs and chips as he did recently.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com