4 Wrong Ways To Protect Yourself From Bacteria

lavatory pan with toilet paper

Most people believe that toilet seat is the dirtiest surface in the house, restaurant, coffee shop etc. However, numerous studies have showed that this general belief is not true. For instance, the kitchen counter contains more bacteria than the toilet seat.
Moreover, many of us have awkward germaphobic behaviors that do to protect themselves from bacteria and viruses. The problem is, none of us can really say whether doing any of this stuff is actually effective.

lavatory pan with toilet paper
lavatory pan with toilet paper

You hold your breath when someone sneezes
This is not effective, unless you are able to hold your breath for a long time. You can from sneezing bacteria if you hold your breath for a second and move from that person in a matter of seconds. Sneezing bacteria can spread up to 4 feet.
If you’re obligated to share a glass with someone, you wipe it off before drinking
Yes, in this way you remove most of the secretion, but the bacteria remain. So, next time, when you want to avoid drinking from the same glass, just say you are catching a cold.

You Use gloves on the ATM machine
The bacteria will get on your gloves and as soon as you take off the gloves and touch them. These bacteria will be transferred to your skin. However, if you cannot stop using gloves while touching the ATM, just place the gloves on a dry place after using them to avoid transferring them everywhere.
You`re covering the toilet seat
Many people tend to cover the toilet seat before using it. However, Dr. Tierno says that sitting on a toilet seat does not increase the risk of infection because it is a cold surface and bacteria cannot survive in cold environment. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth after using the toilet and washing your hands thoroughly once you are finished.

Source: healthyfoodspot.com