4 Natural Remedies Against Stomach Acids And Pain


Stomach acid manifests as pain in the abdomen or chest. Often occurs after a meal where greasy, fried or pickled foods are prevailing.

Here are some natural ways to get rid of it.4 Natural Remedies Against Stomach Acids And Pain

Baking Soda

This is one of the most effective remedy against acid. Put a teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water, stir and drink the liquid. In this you can add a few drops of lemon.


Chew fennel seeds several times a day. This will freshen your breath and will keep the secretion of gastric acid under control. You can drink tea with anise. It is also prepared by adding two tablespoons of seeds in boiling water, then leave it to stand for 10 minutes and then filtrate it.


Mint is effective in removing acid because it helps in digestion and relieves stomach difficulties. Add a few leaves of mint in a cup of boiling water, leave it to stand for 30 minutes and drink the tea several times a day.


Fresh ginger works double on the acid – soaking up the excess acid in the stomach and helps to calm the nerves that contribute to the occurrence of acid. Ginger can be added to dishes as a spice, also you can drink ginger tea or eat it fresh. Ginger tea is prepared by adding fresh ginger in a cup of boiling water. Wait a few minutes and drink the medicated drink.