30 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old


If you belong to the group of people who always put off their dreams for some better times in the future, you’re in the right place. Read the article and make sure you save it as a reminder of what you’ll regret later in life if you don’t start living your life today.

These are the 37 things most people regret when they get old:


  1. Not traveling when you had the chance.

There’s hardly a person who hasn’t at least once had this on his mind ‘I should have gone there when I could.’ The thing is, you should grab every travel opportunity when you have the chance because it simply gets much harder as you get old. Plus, family becomes a priority later in life.

  1. Not learning another language.

A new language opens new doors and you can never be too old for this. However, knowing that you took a foreign language class in high school for 4 years and remember none of it is really something to kick yourself about.

  1. Staying in bad relationship(s).

We’ve all had at least one toxic relationship. Sadly, when we finally decide to end it, we all regret not moving on sooner. If you’re in one such relationship, the sooner you end it, the better.

  1. Not using any sunscreen or enough sunscreen.

You can easily avoid many skin issues, such as wrinkles, moles, and skin cancer by using sunscreen on a regular basis, even in winter. Even more, regular use of sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment.

  1. Missing the chance to see your favorite musicians.

Take the chance of seeing your favorite musicians or bands when you can because you may never have the same opportunity again.

  1. Being scared to do things.

Facing and overcoming your fears is the best favor you can do yourself. Otherwise, you’ll look back from an old age thinking ‘What was I so afraid of?’

  1. Failing to make physical fitness a priority.

Sadly, we are one lazy nation. We spend our prime years as couch potatoes. But, as your body grows old, you’ll regret not being more active when you were younger every single day.

  1. Letting yourself be defined by gender roles.

Fight for your rights as few things are as sad as the old saying, “Well, it just wasn’t done back then.”

  1. Not quitting a terrible job.

It’s true you have to earn a paycheck to pay your bills, but if you end up spending 40 years of your life on a job you hate, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Make plans for career improvements while you can.

  1. Not trying harder in school.

If you weren’t a diligent student, at some point in life you’ll regret not spending more time learning. For one thing, your grades will likely determine your career, income and social status.

  1. Not realizing how beautiful you were.

If you spent your youth thinking you’re not beautiful, you will definitely regret it later in life as this is the time when you were the most beautiful.

  1. Being afraid to say “I love you.”

As you grow old, you realize that it’s more important to speak your emotions than to have your love returned, so don’t hold up how you feel.

  1. Not listening to your parents’ advice.

As you get old, you’ll realize how right your parents were advising you to do something you thought was not the best idea. The thing is our parents have a lot more experience than we do, so their advice is not just a play of words.

  1. Spending your youth self-absorbed.

This is something you’ll definitely feel embarrassed about.

  1. Caring too much about what other people think.

Don’t spend your life caring about what other people will think. In 20 years’ time you won’t give a darn about any of those people you once worried so much about.

  1. Supporting others’ dreams over your own.

While you should be supportive of your family and friends, don’t forget about yourself.

  1. Not moving on fast enough.

It’s important to look on the bright side of life even when you’re going through hard times. Try to move on fast enough and focus on the little things that make you happy!

  1. Holding grudges, especially with those you love.

Don’t hold grudges, especially not with people you love. It’s not worth it.

  1. Not standing up for yourself.

Stand up for yourself. Fighting for something you believe in is worth the effort.

  1. Not volunteering enough.

Helping others in need is the most fulfilling thing you can do.

  1. Neglecting your teeth.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene will definitely pay off. Sadly, you’ll only realize how important this was once you have dentures.

  1. Missing the chance to ask your grandparents questions before they die.

If you still have living grandparents, cherish every moment you spend with them. Sadly, most of us only start appreciating their grandparents’ wisdom only when it’s too late.

  1. Working too much.

One of the greatest regrets, especially of workaholics, is not spending more time with family and friends.

  1. Not learning how to cook one awesome meal.

Food, especially home-cooked meals, is an important part of life. Being able to cook at least one delicious meal will make your dinner parties and celebrations that much more special.

  1. Not stopping enough to appreciate the moment.

Enjoy the moment rather than take pictures all the time. This way, it stays much longer in your memory.

  1. Failing to finish what you start.

Always finish what you have started. Don’t let this be your sentence “I had big dreams of becoming a nurse. I even signed up for the classes, but then…”

  1. Never mastering one awesome party trick.

Mastering at least one awesome trick will make you the spotlight of all the parties you attend.

  1. Letting yourself be defined by cultural expectations.

Don’t be defined by cultural expectations. Let not quotes of this type “We don’t do that” hamper your plans.

  1. Refusing to let friendships run their course.

You have to accept that people grow apart. Instead of holding to what it was, acknowledge that things have changed, and move on. You’ll save yourself from agitation and sadness.

  1. Not playing with your kids enough.

Kids grow up fast and only when you get older you realize that time has flown, right in front of your eyes.

  1. Never taking a big risk (especially in love).
    Taking a leap of faith once in your life, even without success, won’t leave any room for regrets when you get older.
  2. Not taking the time to develop contacts and network.

Although you may not appreciate networking while you’re young, as you grow older, you realize that this is the way many jobs are won.

  1. Worrying too much.
    Most of the time we worry about suppositions rather than actual things. Like in Tom Petty’s song “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”
  2. Getting caught up in needless drama.
    Who needs it?
  3. Not spending enough time with loved ones.
    Make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones, because this time, as everything in life, is finite.
  4. Never performing in front of others.
    As they get older, many people regret not having enough courage to take a stand and show their talent when they were in their prime time.
  5. Not being grateful sooner.

Sadly, only when we’ve aged, do we realize that we should be grateful for every moment we enjoy on earth.

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