3 Ways Your Hair Can Tell You More About Your Body Than Your Blood


Your hair can tell a lot about your metabolic system and your overall health. There are three stages of hair growth anagen, catogen and telogen. The hair is growing in the anagen phase and 80-90% of the hair follicles are in this phase actively growing while materials are accumulated in the hair shaft by follicle cells. When the hair is in this phase, it can say a lot about our body. After this phase there is a short transitory phase-catagen which leads to the final stage known as telogen. Once the hair is in the telogen phase, the follicles are already mature and stable and are attached in the follicle by club-shaped root. Then new anagen hair is formed by the germ cells below this root. In the telogen phase there are 18-19% of hair follicles and 10 % of the head hairs are in quiescent telogn phase where minimum amount of force (combing for example) is needed to remove the hairs from the dormant follicle.

3 Ways Your Hair Can Tell You More About Your Body Than Your

Our hair can tell us a lot about our body

As the hair grows, anything that is accumulated in the hair will be removed with cutting it off so the minerals found in the excess hair are removed as well. If the body lacks minerals they do not deposit in hair in order not to be removed. Tissues and hair contain mineral deposits and if the body doesn’t t have enough reserves; the hair will show it first and then the body.

Detecting imbalances from hair appearance

Frost hair, chemicals, dying the hair change the natural hair look and sunlight, dryness, wind and other weather conditions cause structural changes in the hair. So the hair can be linked with some imbalances in the body.

Normal to oily hair

Concerns: Small bumps on the scalp.

Reason: these bumps appear due to stress and can be a sign of acute illness as well as of buildup of toxins in the body.

Remedy: foods rich in antioxidants as green tea, some calming physical activity as yoga and meditation will help in reducing these bumps.

Dry hair

Concerns: Mild dandruff and reduced density of the hair over time.

Reason: growth of fibroids, stress, lack of water intake, hormonal imbalance, inadequate shampooing growth of fibroids, poor dietary habits, change of weather, inadequate shampooing, inadequate rinsing.

Remedy: You need to consume food rich in proteins like eggs, fish, beans, legumes and nuts (almonds) also you must hydrate your body and consume food rich in iron like kale and spinach. The shampoo you regularly use should contain natural cytostatic agents which help in reducing of the dead cells. You can use coconut oil to moisture the scalp and alleviate the negative effects of the shampoo.

Oily and thin hair

Concerns: Thinning of the hair, gray hair, and split ends

Reason: These hair conditions appear due to autoimmune deficiency and genes, chemical treatments like rebonding, perming, and coloring, ironing, excessive blow drying, and lack of proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamin C.

Remedy: Avoid using harsh chemicals,regularly trim the hair, and start consuming green leafy vegetables, walnuts, flaxseed, and lemon juice. Hair loss usually occurs due to androgenic alopecia.

Source: http://healthytipsworld.com