3 Things You Should Avoid To Have A Healthy Menstrual Cycle


A woman’s period is accompanied by many undesired things aside from menstrual cramps. It’s the mood shifts, over-sensitivity and other hormonal changes, something that all women have to put up with on a daily basis when on their period.

This time of the month can be quite difficult and uncomfortable for the majority of women and if there is a way you can make these 5-7 days easier you’d probably want to know. Here are a few mistakes that most women make during their period but should be avoided at all costs if they want to feel better and more comfortable:3-things-you-should-avoid-to-have-a-healthy-menstrual-cycle

  1. Avoid depressing movies

The emotional state you’re in before and during your period is the key to promoting the secretion of hormones and emotions like sadness and depression keep us down. During this time we’re predisposed to feel a bit down, angry, sad or irritated and watching a sad and depressive movie can only make matters worse. This kind of movies will cause additional emotional stress, something we don’t need at all. That’s why it’s best if you steer clear of sad, depressive and scary movies if you want to avoid making things worse. Stick to comedies and you’ll feel much better.

  1. Forget you have a period

Sometimes it’s best not to pay much attention to things and try to forget about the stuff that makes you feel worse. If you just lay in your bed and act as if you’re sick you’ll feel sick no doubt. That’s why you should get up, suck it up and say I’m fine! Periods haven’t killed anyone thus far so you’re probably aren’t going to be the first one. When you forget what you are suffering from and be happy- your brain will stop concentrating on it and everything will run smoothly. Forget you have a period and you’ll feel better for sure.

  1. Avoid dairy products

Dairy products contain arachidonic acids which could lead to cramps which is why they should be avoided so that your periods are less painful. Try to limit your consumption to ass little possible or even none at all during these days. Try coconut milk instead to get the required amount of calcium which will ease the pain and make you feel better.