23 Ways You Can Painlessly Cleanse Your Body


Don’t associate terms such as ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ with starvation or even painful symptoms. Actually, there are numerous ways to clean your system and revitalize your body on a daily basis. Short-term detox plans aren’t nearly as effective as this list of habits you should utilize on long term basis.



Since H20 makes up at least 50% of body weight, it’s crucial to every bodily function including your cells, organs and different body systems. Water is fantastic for the lymphatic system because it helps to flush out toxins and substances that aren’t needed in the body. It’s necessary for your body to have a consistent flow of water going in and out of the body.

In the morning, try a glass of warm water mixed with fresh squeezed lemon. You might even add baking soda. Lemon and baking soda will balance out your pH levels within the body. These two ingredients are also anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic, and antibacterial which will help remove harmful toxins in the blood.

2.Use Meditation

Try to clean the mind by letting go of racing thoughts or emotions by taking 5 minutes or even 60 minutes to meditate. Try some meditation tactics that are found online. Some music helps to alleviate tension and causes you to focus on meditation.

3.Use Dandelion Greens

Try juicing using dandelion greens because juicing is a way to provide a surge of micronutrients to a tired body and flushes out the bad stuff. Dandelions work as a natural diuretic that cleanse the detox organ (the liver), helps kidneys with filtration by eliminating extra water and salt in the system, are packed with vitamins and minerals, have antioxidants, and also are anti-inflammatory. It’s great to add dandelion greens to smoothies and juice and if you don’t have the time to juice, try green drink powders which are packed with superfoods.

4.Try Dry Brushing and Rebounding

Dry rushing is a way to help balance the flow of the lymphatic system and helps the process of running a brush in a specific method continuously and in circular motion across the skin and then up toward the heart. Then add in rebounding, which is physical aerobic exercise, to your lifestyle in order to make brushing efforts better. This helps the entire lymphatic system which is made up of nodes, vessels and ducts all throughout your body which move lymph from the tissues in the body to the bloodstream. It’s important that this part of your body is free of waste and toxins so it is the primary focus of detoxification.

5.Utilize Hydrotherapy

After using the dry brushing technique, take a shower, alternating 1 to 2 minutes of hot water with 30 seconds of cold water. Do this 3-5 times during the shower and it is okay if the water seems too cold because you can first try lukewarm water before making it colder. This hydrotherapy technique helps increase lymphatic flow and circulation and encourages healthier immunity and metabolism. You’ll find this to be very invigorating after you get used to it.

6.Work Out With Qi Gong

Qi means life force and vital energy and Gong means to accomplish or have a skill. Qi Gong together means to create energy and it’s an ancient Chinese technique that utilizes special breathing medicines, posture, and mental focus in order to stimulate energy and cleanse the body, providing relief from anxiety and helping to gain inner peace. Try 10 Qi Gong for 10 minutes each day or a similar exercise to help encourage a healthier physical and mental you.

7.Stretch Your Body

Some days are so busy that we forget to make time to stretch out the body. This can provide the opportunity to relieve tense muscles and keep body functions to their most efficient. If you sit a lot, you might find yourself hunching over with your shoulders forward which can cause numerous issues. By stretching, you are rejuvenating the body and cleansing it by making movements that are slow and steady which increase circulation and stimulates toxin release.


8.Drink Bone Broth in the Morning

You may have heard from your older relatives about bone broth which is rich in minerals and nutrients. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and amino acids. It is also a budget friendly way to find a healthier you and to even reduce cellulite. Use bones from bison, beef, lamb, birds or fish and use it to boost immunity when you’re sick or to boost your digestive system.

9.Flip Off the News

News on the television can be negative and everything that is shocking can also lead to stress even if the situations don’t directly affect you. If it bleeds, it leads and that’s a common mantra in the media. Sad or depressing stories are televised more than happy and feel-good stories. Clear your mind by turning off the television and do something a little more uplifting such as spending time with friends or family or taking a walk. If you truly want to see significant changes in physical and mental health, go without electronics and media for a whole week.