Although ginger is used in many countries as part of delicious meals it is not used often in America. After reading about its numerous healthy properties it would be nice if you start using ginger in your meals or to make a ginger tea. Ginger tea is prepared quite simply; you need to pour pieces of ginger root with boiling water. You can add lemon for better taste.

Avoidance and treatment


1.Battles cancer

Some diseases can be treated with ginger and ovarian cancer is one of them. It defeats cancer cells in a way that they self-destruct. So add ginger in your everyday meals.

2.Assists with irritable bowel syndrome

Ginger helps the ISB patients with the side effects of their disease. It can be consumed as a supplement, tea or in form of pills and in every form it improves the digestive functions and the intestines as well.

3.Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Ginger can also prevent the loss of cerebral cells which can be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. If you have family history of this disease than you must start using ginger.

Weight reduction

4.Encourages appetite

If you have problem with poor appetite ginger stimulates hunger and it also help in processing food better. If you have problems with appetite just start consuming ginger.

5.Assists with weight loss

Excess weight is known to be unhealthy and if you want to lose the extra pounds ginger can help. It is proven that ginger helps in reducing fat accumulation.

 6.Eases tired muscles

Ginger also helps after hard cardio exercises because the muscles then become tired. With ginger the muscles will recuperate and will be ready for further exercising. You will have more energy and power and in this way you will burn more calories.

7.Manages glucose levels

Ginger also helps in maintaining a proper sugar level. This is important for losing weight and for maintaining good mood throughout the whole day. If you start consuming ginger you will have no problem with unstable sugar level.

8.Helps the body absorb nutrients

When you want to have fit body the right nutrients are very important. If you suffer from excess weight and you do not take proper nutrients, stat using ginger to help the body accept the supplements better when you start taking them.

General wellbeing and health

9.Assists with morning sickness

If you are pregnant and have problems with morning sickness, ginger can help. You can take it in form of a pill or tea.

10.Lessens arthritic inflammation

Ginger can alleviate pain cause by irritating diseases as joint inflammation is. Ginger is proven to be the best remedy for millions of people who suffer from arthritis every year. Take it as a pill to get rid of pain.

11.Opens up inflamed airways

People who suffer from asthma often used medicines based on steroids. Ginger can reduce inflammations and that is why it can relieve the effects of this medical condition. It cannot cure asthma but it can reduce the symptoms.

12.Enhances circulation

Ginger can also help with problems with circulation. It improves the blood circulation thus making you more vital. It opens the pores as well which additionally improves the circulation.

Minor ailments

13.Mends frostbite

Ginger tea is great if you suffer from frostbites because it can help in the healing process. It will help the affected parts to recuperate faster by improving the blood circulation. 8 ounces daily should be sufficient.

14.Stops motion sickness

It is used against motion sickness as well. Its benefits are so great that is involved in OTC motion sickness remedy as Dramamine.

15.Kills acid from heartburn

If you suffer from heartburn often, ginger is quite effective against this condition. It is more beneficial than common medicines. It defeats the acid which causes heartburn and it doesn’t have side effects.

16.Resolves gas issues

If you suffer from gasses often consume ginger tea before going to bed because its effect is strongest overnight. It will solve the problem quite quickly with no side effect.

17.Gives pain relief

Ginger regulates the hormonal level and that is why is known as pain reliever. If you feel pain drink a cup of ginger tea first thing in the morning and the pain will disappear.

18.Clears sinuses

If you use natural remedies for problems with sinuses try ginger. It is more efficient than other natural medicines. It will improve the secretion by unclogging the sinuses. Consume ginger tea as many times as you need.

19.Improves the breath smell

After a meal consume ginger as it will make your breath fresh. It will prevent the bad breath smell after eating. Ginger tea is also a good choice as it improves the bad smell as well especially after consuming garlic or drinking espresso.

Super spice

20.Expands sexual desire

It improves the sexual drive as well because it improves the blood circulation. A lot of people claim that they have increased sexual desire after using ginger within their meals. It is effective for both sexes.

Source: http://www.weeklyhealthylife.com