20 Foods That Burn Fat,Boost Metabolism and Shrink Your Waistline


If you think of food as your enemy then under mention are 20 foods that will change your view. These foods have supplements that can make you healthy, but you don’t have to fully focus upon them. Use foods that can burn fat faster and fit perfect with your diet. You can through that junk food you have been eating and completely rely on these amazing foods that can change your life.



You may be thinking whether it is a vegetable or fruit? Doesn’t matter, all you need to do is eat this amazing vegetable regularly to lose weight. Tomatoes are among vegetables that have low calories, they help your body by providing fiber. This vegetable is not only a good weigh loss agent, but also brings antioxidants that prevent from disease, so make sure to include tomatoes in your diet next time.


Oranges have proven that they can provide enough vitamin C to let you function well. Oranges do have sugar in them, but the level of sugar is so low that you don’t have to worry about turning it into fat. It has fiber that regulate blood glucose by maintaining it.


It’s one of the top weigh loss products with enough fiber to boost your metabolism. In many American states, people start their day with a bowl of oats. Antioxidants and supplement inside oats not only help your body with fiber, but also cut cholesterol, and make you healthy. So next time you manage your diet, add oats in it.


When you are on a journey to lose weight, you don’t have to eat food that is boring. With so many fruits and vegies, you may feel out of taste at some point, so adding spices that can boost metabolism and at the same time it is tasty will help you.

Some of the spice that you can eat are mustard seeds, ginseng, ginger, Turmeric, and black pepper. All of these have properties to lift-up your diet to the next level.

5.Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes are probably the best weight losing meal. You don’t have to add oil and cook it, just bake it and eat by adding some healthy seasoning. Potatoes naturally have few calories, but when we mix it with oil they turn into high calorie food. So as long as you are away from oil, you are safe. Potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, Fiber, Potassium, and Vitamin C.



One apple per day is enough to make you healthy. Apples are sweet, and you may start to like sweet things when you eat apple regularly. But if you can control yourself and eat food low in calories and high in energy then you can maintain a perfect diet and body. Fiber in apple has great potential to let you digest easily. You just have to chew apple and throughout the peel.


Every dietician suggest to add nuts in your routine. Nuts are favorite of Paleo followers because a small about will let you feel good for hours. If you eat too much snacks then try adding this to your snack list. Nuts have good fat that help body and metabolism.


It is one of the low calorie food as compare to potatoes and rice. These have such benefits that no other product has. If you haven’t tried it yet then you should add Quinoa to your diet. It comes with additional bonus vitamins that will leave a good impression on you.


Beans are famous for their ability to regulate sugar level in blood. It helps with your digestion because of rich fiber content. If you add organic beans in your diet, you will surely get energy to stay healthy. You can replace beans with rice or bread.

10.Egg White

Eggs are probably among top weight lose agents. You don’t have to eat the yellow part, just add white of egg in your diet. Eggs are great source of protein for our body, yolk on the other hand is not as good as white part. If you have excessive weight, you can omit-out yolk, and when you have lose weight, you can yolk to your diet.

11.Grape Fruit

You don’t have to eat junk food anymore because all you will need is an alternative of junk food. Grapefruit is not one of the favorite of people, but the benefits it has are great. In the long run of weigh lose, they can help you by a long margin. Studies on Grapefruit have proven that if you will drink grapefruit juice, you not crave for junk food. Tim Ferris from the Four hour Body have said that, grapefruit is a great alternative to all those junk food.

12.Chicken Breast

Most dietitian and body builders will suggest to eat chicken because of high protein and low fat. Dark part of the chicken is not that good but white part is great to gain proteins. In America people eat chicken more often because it has healthy juices that fits our diet perfectly. You can also increase its flavor by adding spices we discussed earlier.


If you want to gain your ideal weight then put banana on your diet checklist. Studies have shown that they are a great resource of healthy supplements for the body. You can easily incorporate them in your diet, you can add some with oatmeal, or you can just eat directly when you want something sweet. Don’t overeat, just keep one banana a day to stay healthy.


People usually don’t like pears but they can provide flavor and weight loss both at the same time. They have weight lost properties like no other. As compare to apples and similar fruits, they have a different taste and compounds. You can add them in many recipes, or just eat as it is.

15.Pine Nuts

These have phytonutrient that helps appetite and immune system. You just don’t have to resort to junk food. Try this amazing diet supplement and you will never have to eat chemically processed food again. People usually have to run and do workout to digest food, but these nuts don’t give much stress. You can eat them at any time and your will lose weight faster than any other similar food.


Eating mushrooms instead of sausage will help you reduce some weight. You can just sprinkle them over pizza and enjoy delicious food with all the vitamin and calories to support your body. Make sure to pick top quality mushrooms. Pick those which are good instead of going for bigger ones. They have different characteristic, you can lose weight by cooking them with various ingredients.


These are popular for their health benefits. They have fiber properties that will allow you to get rid of your junk food habit. They are also best suited to people having blood sugar problems. If you are a vegetarian then lentils are a great source of protein for your body.

18.Hot pepper

If you like food that is hot then here you can add, chipotles, habaneros, and jalapenos in your diet. You can make your meal delicious by adding hot pepper. They have several benefits that Help in weight loss. If you think they will burn in your stomach then scientific data says that they can prevent stomach problems.


If you will not include broccoli in your list, you will sure miss the taste. Some people may not love it at first, but they can reduce fat from your body. It has nutrients that are full packed with fiber and many healthy supplements. You can make cheese and broccoli soup to shed some weight.

20.Organic Lean Meats

Lean meats have proteins and fat reducing compounds. You need to try more organic supplements if you want to reduce that extra fat you have developed. By local meat, you will gain weight faster. But lean meat has antibiotics that helps grow hormones and contain nutrients that are good for your natural growth. If you want to be fit and healthy then you should keep diet that is healthy.

Source: Theheartysoul.com