14 Uses of Aluminum Foil You Didn’t Know About


Since the first appearance of aluminum foil in the early 1900s, its uses of have multiplied significantly over the past few years. It’s no wonder this common product is found in most kitchens around the world.

Aluminum foil is mostly used for storing and preserving leftover food. But, not many know that this product has a wide array of other uses around the house too. Read on and find out how you improve your life with this amazing product.

Before we show you 12 different ways to use aluminum foil, we want to clear up a few common questions about the uses of this product.

14 Uses of Aluminum Foil You Didn’t Know About

1# Prevent lumps on your brown sugar

No need to worry if your brown sugar is turning lumpy. Simply wrap it in some aluminum foil and leave it in the oven for 5 minutes at 150º C.  Your sugar will go to its normal state.

2# Make your bakes goods stay fresh longer

You can easily make your fresh bread, cookies, or baked goods last longer if you just wrap them up in aluminum foil immediately upon taking them out of the oven.

3# Restore the shine on your utensils

If your utensils are starting to lose their shine, take some aluminum foil to cover the bottom of a pot. Then add a bit of water and 2 tablespoons of salt. Immerse your utensils in this mixture leaving them for 3 minutes. After they’ve dried, rub them down using a cotton cloth.

4# Make your jewelry shine again

You can restore the lost shine of your jewelry in a similar way. Just put some aluminum foil over the bottom of a pot adding some liquid detergent. Dip your jewelry in the pot and leave it for a few minutes. In the end, wash and dry it.

5# Make ironing easier

To make ironing easier, simply put a sheet of aluminum foil under the item and a cloth on top of it. You’ll end up ironing both sides at the same time.

6# Clean your iron

To make your iron look as good as new, put some aluminum foil on the ironing board and add some salt on it. Run your iron over the foil as if. This will eliminate anything stuck on the iron and leave it cleaner than ever.

7# Sharpen your scissors

To sharpen your scissors, simply fold a sheet of aluminum foil several times and then cut it in several places. This will make your scissors sharp again.

8# Keep insects away

Protect your plants from being destroyed by insects by placing pieces of aluminum foil in the pots.

9# Keep your oven stain-free

To avoid oven staining, cover your oven with aluminum foil before using it. This will keep your oven stain-free and save you lots of time on cleaning stubborn grease stains.

10# Extend the shelf life of your hand soap

Wrap your hand soap in some aluminum foil to extend its shelf life and keep it from spilling over.

11# Clean your pots

To make your pots look as good as new, ball up a piece of aluminum foil then rub it on the pots when washing.

12# Move furniture with ease

Put small pieces of aluminum foil under the legs of big furniture pieces to slide them over a smooth floor. As the dull side of the foil is actually more slippery than the shiny side, use tis side down.

13# Clean your barbecue grill

Place a sheet of aluminum foil over the grill to burn off any remaining foodstuffs after the last steak is grilled and while the coals are still red-hot. Leave the foil on until you use the barbecue again. Then crumple up the foil and scrub off the burned food before you start cooking.

14# Improve outdoor lighting

You can easily brighten up the electrical lighting in your backyard or campsite by putting some aluminum foil reflector behind the light.