13 Surprising Home Remedies for Acne


Save your bucks by these really simple and easy acne remedies and discover a clearer and healthy skin in no time.

1.Tea tree Oil

Properties in this oil are responsible for its use as a cure for acne. Tea tree oil’s 5% solution is a lot less severe than 5% benzoyl peroxide ointment. Moreover, its effectiveness doesn’t ward off. You can mix 20-40 drops of witch hazel with tea tree oil and use a cotton pad to apply on acne. Use it twice daily.


2.Green tea

An antioxidant and antimicrobial rich food, green tea aids a lot in fighting acne. You can take a cup of green tea as a face wash, obviously in cold form. Conversely, you can keep the tea bags on affected area for fast results.


A natural antibiotic, honey helps in getting rid of acne for good. You can apply it directly or make a paste with oatmeal. Take honey ½ cup and oatmeal 1 cup, apply the paste for 30 min.


Mint helps in clearing oil that clogs pores. In order to get rid of acne even before the pop out, make a paste of finely chopped mint leaves with plain yogurt (2 tablespoon) and oatmeal (2 tablespoon). Blend it well, apply on face or acne area for 10 min and rinse off.


Commonly used as a wound healer or cold and flu preventer, Echinacea hasanti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. You can use its tea as a face wash or take a few drops of tincture on cotton pad and apply on acne and blemishes.


Acne can be easily removed by aspirin owing to the presence of salicylic acid in it. Moreover, it dries up pimple and inflammation is greatly reduced by its usage. You can make paste out of powdered aspirin with a few drops of water.


Inflammation from acne is effectively reduced with chamomile. Make a paste of chamomile tea bag content with water and apply directly to acne prone area.

8.Witch Hazel

A natural astringent, witch hazel can dry and shrink any blemishes on skin. To get most off it, take a few drops on cotton pad and use it as a cleanser each night and also in the morning.


It is well known for its burn relieving properties. It can help in fighting infections, promoting healing, and reducing scarring. Take out the fresh gel from plant leaves and apply it directly to acne. You can buy it from any store; just make sure there are no added ingredients present.


Acting as disinfectant, skin lightener and exfoliant, lemons effectively reduce scar appearance and pimple forming. Dip cotton swab in lemon juice and apply on acne, rinse off with water.

11.Apple Cider Vinegar

Lactic and malic acid in ACV reduce red marks, exfoliates and treat acne. Make your own toner by mixing equal parts of water and ACV, and apply it using a cotton ball.

12.Foods high in acid content

The citrus fruits or vinegars are foods that contain high acid content. They can easily flush oils that clog pores. Again, simply use a cotton pad to apply the juices of these fruits or vinegar directly on to acne.

13.Omega-3 fatty acids

These acids have high anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can easily ward off acne. You can easily enjoy its benefits by taking a capsule containing multi-nutrient including fish oil. Conversely, add albacore tuna, walnuts, flaxseeds and salmon to your diet.

Source: Readers Digest