113 Year Old Man With Vitality Of A Young Man: With Consuming Five Ingredients


Would you believe on someone telling that there is a man who in his old age can recall all what his dad told him when he was eight years old? I doubt it. This man is not only old but very old and has crossed one hundred years. He does everything on his own. Bernardo Lapallo is one of those men who have seen more than a century and living an amazing life. How is a prime question which might be in your mind? He keeps his health maintained by eating well and walking for two and a half kilometers every day. Bernardo consumes five ingredients which his father told him to use. His father was a doctor and wanted him to stay healthy throughout the year. These are the ingredients which his father advised:



The level of sugar in blood is reduced by the use of cinnamon. It also brings down the level of bad cholesterol, soothes inflammations in any part of the body. Last but not the least it damages the growth of infections.


Since honey is rich in all the necessary nutrients a human’s body need, it becomes important. Moreover, it has antioxidants which kill toxins in body. It is also applied on face to let it stay fresh and young.


Since hundreds of years, garlic is being used to cure hypertension. It also fights against cancer cells and reduces the risk of heart ailments. You can take its full advantage when you have it without anything, without cooking and without mixing it with anything.


Cocoa is very healthy and it can keep you healthy if eaten in moderate portions. Dark chocolates are better because they contain 70 percent of cocoa. It has the potential of tapering down the element of depression. Moreover, it is full of antioxidants.

5.Olive oil:

When you heat olive oil, all its beneficial nutrients die. It doesn’t remain healthy. All types of heart diseases can be cured by olive oil.

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