11 Types of Pain That Are Each Directly Tied To Specific Emotional States


There are a different type of pain, first is from energy, second is from perception, and the third type is manifestation. Each and every function in our body originates from a single specific emotion that tell us about what has been done, and what is causing pain. Once you integrate certain rules in your life, pain vanishes.


Our body is sensitive so if you wouldn’t take care of it then you may experience difficulties related to health. You can judge from the problem, your body tells you what area you need to work on. If you have issue related to head then there is different solution. You will find more information regarding this under this post.

1.Muscle Pain: It is one of the challenging problem in our life. You may feel pain because of work routine, unhealthy eating, and lack of exercise.
2.Pain in head: This type of pain is extremely bad for your health. You may lose decision-making ability and your life becomes a complete mess. All you need to do is relax and ease up the tension.
3.Neck pain: This pain is related to how you are with people. It can affect your relationship with others, you may stop forgiving people for little things. When you have this problem, consider things that you like more, do what you want, and get rid of sad feelings.
4.Gum pain: This pain is related to decisions that you are going to make. You will not be able live up to what you said. Anything that you start will look difficult, or you may feel too lazy to live up to your decisions.
5.Shoulder pain: It may indicate that you are carrying many emotions inside. You can get some relive if you’ll distribute burden. You can share work load or problems with people you live with.
6.Stomach pain: This is one of the common in people because of unhealthy eating routine. This type of pain may make you empty, you may feel stress, and you will never feel full.
7.Upper back Pain: If you have pain in your back then you may lack in emotional support. People feel they are not loved, or you may not be able to hold your love for someone.
8.Lower back pain: If you are worrying too much then you may come across this type of pain. You need emotional support when you have lower back pain. This is also an indication that you need increase in financial support, and raise in salary.
9.Pain in Elbow: You need change in life if you are having pain in elbow. It may cause stiffness, you just have to compromise more and shake things to make them better.
10.Pain in Hands: It means you are not reaching out to people correctly. Make new friends and have good time with associates. You need to increase your connections and let go your past differences.
11.Pain in knees: In this you will feel less support, difficulty in job, and many personal problems will raise. You need time for yourself, volunteer for small things, and do things that can make you feel a mortal human being. You may come across ego, but make sure to avoid it because it may ruin your life.