10 Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight Without Starving !


6. Once or twice a week give yourself a reward

If you suppress the desire for the foods that you love too long, you become desperate and you will quit the diet soon. Therefore, you can sometimes relax and award yourself, but within reasonable limits. Eat a piece of pizza or two, not the whole pizza.

7. Reduce carbohydrates

This is the simplest way to lose weight. The beginning will be difficult, but later it will be easier when you see the results.

 8. Interval running

It is easier to hold alternately the running quickly and easily, than to go in the long run. Moreover, the results will be better.

9. Never drink sweet sodas

Occasionally you can drink a glass of wine or beer, but in moderation.

10. Do not be afraid of fat

You will feel fuller, better control your appetite, and remember your body sometimes needs fat. There are good and bad fats, so check it wise.