10 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not Healthy


Human body is an excellent machine having systems in place for different problems. The body has its own ways of showing and expressing when something is wrong with your health. When your body gives you a sign, you should take it seriously and consult your doctor. Here is a list of 10 important signs which indicate health problems:


1. Cold feet: Your feet can tell you a lot about your heart condition. Being the further part from your heart any heart disease will be first manifested by your feet. Disorder of the nervous system are also linked to the cold sensations to the feet. In Raynaud’s Disease people often experience cold, numbness, pale hands, toes, nose and ears.

2. Red Palms: Red palms often indicate liver problems. They are caused by dermatitis or eczema. Red palms can also be caused by an allergy to certain food, drugs, or drinks.

3. Swollen Neck: In case of swollen, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Thyroid problems are indicated by the front area of neck and are common in women of age from 20 to 50.

4. Eye White: If your eye white part is not white then you have a problem. It may be caused by lack of sleep or cold. Jaundice and liver issues are indicated by a yellow color of eye white. Red color may indicate viral diseases and hypertension.

5. Grey Hair before 40s: Having grey hair is often considered as a sign of wisdom and maturity. It is a natural phenomenon in 40s and onwards. However having a considerable amount of grey hair in 30s is often a sign of diabetes.

6. Red Faces: In women of age 30 to 55, sudden changes in face are common. These are result of hormonal changes and hot foods. Rosy cheeks may be a sign of chronic skin disease named rosacea which affects women.

7. Nail Changes: Fingernails can provide important clues to the overall health of your body. Nails have various condition which indicate diseases. Any abnormal changes in the natural structure and appearance of nails should be consulted with doctor.

8. Losing eyebrows: It is a natural process to lose some of the eyebrows with age. A sudden loss in eyebrows may be a result of thyroid problems.

9. Chapped Lips: Chapped Lips are a result of temperature changes. Having lip ends cracked regularly indicates a deficiency of vitamin B and zinc. It is a sign of fungal infections as well.

10. Birthmarks: Birthmarks and moles are usually harmless. However, some of them can be quite dangerous and should be taken seriously, these include those which appear due to overexposure to sun.


Thanks to: healthyfoodhouse.com