10 Reasons Why Chia Seed is The Healthiest Food in The world


6. Rich in fiber

28 grams of chia seeds has about one third of the recommended daily intake of fiber for adults. Foods rich in fiber which is as great in helping you feel full longer and to avoid between-meal snacks, and are important for healthy digestion.

Fact Plus: There is more fiber than in any kind of nut.

7. Calcium for healthy teeth and bones

Eating chia seeds is 18 percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium, which will give a big improvement in the bone and oral health, and helps prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Fact Plus: It contains five times more calcium than milk in one serving.

8. Keeps the heart healthy and happy

As it helps with blood pressure in diabetics, chia seeds can also promote healthy cholesterol, and reduce total cholesterol and bad cholesterol triglycerides.

Fact Plus: The Chia also has antioxidant levels comparable to blueberries.

9. Contains phosphorus

Phosphorus helps strengthen bones and teeth, and helps in the growth of cells and tissues. Chia seeds contain 27 percent of your recommended daily intake of phosphorus.

Fact Plus: It contains six times more iron than spinach.

10. Great source of Manganese

Although not much is known as an nutrient, manganese is important for your health. It helps your body to process other important nutrients and helps in strengthening the bones. 28 ounces (one serving) of chia seeds contains 30 percent of your recommended daily intake of manganese.

Fact Plus: Contains approximately 30 percent of the daily intake of manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.