10 Problems That The Bananas Solve Better Then The Medications


It sounds very strange, but there are some problems which bananas can solve better than pills. The banana is good for our health because it contains proteins, a big amount of vitamins and other nutrients, and it is really tasty.

10 Problems That The Bananas Solve Better Then The Medications

Based on recent studies, bananas can control the female period and increase the force of the body, because they are good for our health.

Bananas also protect us from diseases,considering their high amount of fibers.

These are the ten specific problems that bananas can solve better than some pills:

1. Banana is a very good source of energy and this is the reason why sportsman consume it.

2. Banana contains amino acids, which makes us happy and calm and it is good stress protector. Also magnesium and calcium can protect us from depression.

3. Banana contains a high level of calcium and little salt which is very good for the heart and is also helping the high blood pressure.

4. The power of your memory will be increased by consuming one banana daily.

5. Banana contains a big amount of iron, increasing the level of blood hemoglobin and it is very good for anemic patients.

6. Banana can regulates the body hormones.

7. Also bananas can help pregnant woman, because it lowers the morning sickness and keeps the level of blood sugar balanced.

8. It also creates a special layer in the stomach lowering the chances of getting stomach ulcer, because of its nutritive value, and therefore banana is great in controlling the stomach acids.

9. Six of the vitamins that are contained in bananas, consist blood glucoses.

10. One banana in the morning can prevent constipation,because it contains a high amount of fibers.

Source: www.weeklyhealthylife.com