10 Health Benefits of Cucumber That will Leave You In Awe


Most people think that cucumbers are vegetables but they are actually a fruit. Cucumbers scientifically known as Cucumissativus belong to the same botanical family as the watermelon, cantaloupe and squashes. This fruit is very edible that it can be eaten raw or cooked. No need to mention it many health benefits if it becomes part of your diet. So how cool can a Cucumber be?


Let me enumerate the 10 Reasons why.

1.Abundant in Vitamins

Cucumber contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C, Folic acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium and Zinc which boosts your immunity, gives you energy and keeps your skin radiant.

2.Helps to Normalize Body Temperature

The Caffeic acid and Vitamin C found in cucumbers are the two vital compounds that prevent water loss from the body. The very reason why cucumbers are applied topically for sunburn problems.

3.Freshens Breath

The Phytochemicals found in the cucumber helps get rid of bad breath as it refreshes and heals diseased gums as well.

4.Prevents Kidney Stones

Approximately 96% of a cucumber contains naturally purified water and fiber which helps to protect your body from developing kidney stones by its natural diuretic property.

5.Effective Treatment for Arthritis

Cucumbers help in decreasing the amount of uric acid in the body.

6.Natural Skin Brightener

Silica is an essential component that aids in attaining a bright and glowing skin found in cucumber. They have a soothing effect that decreases irritation, swelling and inflammation.

7.Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

One cucumber contains about 4 % of the body’s daily potassium level. Potassium is said to be an essential part to attain a healthy heart as it lowers blood pressure in the form of vasodilation.

8.Prevents Cancer

Lignans and cucurbitacins are the 2 phytonutrient compounds found in cucumber that is associated with anti-cancer benefits. Cucurbitacins can inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer cells while Lignanscan reduce the risk of developing ovarian, breast, endometrial and prostate cancers.

9.Improves Blood Clotting Ability

Half of the cucumber’s Vitamin K content is found in its peel, so it is better to eat it with its peel on. Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which helps in the complete synthesis of proteins which is required for blood coagulation. Coagulation is important to prevent bleeding after a cut or an injury.

10Cure for Hangover

Had too much to drink? You can avoid or eliminate hangover or headachewith the use of cucumber. How? Well, Cucumbers contain B vitamins, electrolytes, water and sugar which is needed to replenish essential nutrients. Thereby, reducing the intensity of a headache or a hangover.

How cool is that? So if I were you, I’ll start picking up a handful of firm cucumbers at the grocery store and will start to munch and drink for a healthier me.

Sources: realfarmacy.com