10 Groceries That Increase Human Energy


1.Honey for endurance

Research conducted in Memphis showed that consumption of honey before exercise provides “fuel” that regulates blood sugar level and insulin levels over a longer period. This natural sweetener gives  strength, speed and improves endurance.

2.Beetroot for strength

Recent research has shown that beet is better for energy than caffeine or any other product. To have more energy drink beet juice.

3.Peas against muscle tiredness

Peas contains amino acids, compounds that delay muscle tiredness during exercise. Only 25 grams is sufficient.

4.Blueberry for easing of inflammation

Recent research has revealed that blueberry soothes inflammation. It has proved that number of white blood cells is increasing, that have an important role in immunity.

5. Cherries against pain and returning of strength

The researchers have found that cherry juice has a significant effect in pain reducing. Moreover, it was found that with cherries, strength returns quickly in the body.

6. Salmon to build muscle

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon and are very useful for health, especially against fight of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Research conducted on animals have shown that they can be good for building muscle. Eat salmon leastwise several times a week.

7. Watermelon to relieve pain in muscles

Spanish scientists have discovered that watermelon juice relieves muscle pain if you drink half a liter an hour before exercise. This is because of citrulline, a natural substance which is found in watermelon and which improves the functioning of the arteries and reduces blood pressure. When you eat a  watermelon, bite of white part, because it contains the most citrulline.

8. Pomegranate for recovering of muscle strength

Antioxidants from pomegranate is associated with improving of memory and brain activity , and researchers from Texas have found that  are improving  rebuilding of muscle . Put a little in your gym and it will be enough .

9.Coffee for energy throughout the day

A new study found that glycogen, bodily equivalent of carbohydrate , recovers faster if people drink coffee and imported carbohydrates after training . If you practice this, next time you will exercise longer.

10. Black chocolate reduces stress

A number of studies point out numerous useful things of dark chocolate , and a new study has revealed and shown that dark chocolate raises the level of antioxidants in the blood and reduces stress gain with exercise . If you exercise regularly , eat a few cubes of  dark chocolate .